Night Sweats


Both babies can now fully open their eyes and had some awake time today when we arrived. 

Both babies have gained weight, Esther 58 grams and William 40 grams.  They both managed 2 hours off CPAP last night.  The doctors are really pleased with them both and said that they look lovely.  The midwife said that they are very straight forward babies making good progress and we can hope to take a few weeks off their due date for when to expect them home.  So they may come home in early October!! David says not to get my hopes up to high and work to 12 weeks so that any earlier feels like a bonus.

Today Esther’s milk is being upped to 3mls every hour and William’s to 1ml every 2 hours.  He is still losing bile from his stomach but does this with or without milk and it is not causing him discomfort.

Both babies will have 2 hours off their CPAP today.  Both babies are having their humidity reduced in their incubators.  It should be down to 50% by Day 10.  That will be Tuesday.  When they reach this target and their body temperaure is stable they will be allowed out for cuddles and maybe allowed to get dressed a little bit! I am going to ask Mum and Dad to buy them each a blanket that covers their cots and a swaddle robe/hat for cuddles.  These can stay with them in the hospital as a memory of their Nanny and Grandad Nairn.

When we arrived this morning I did Esther’s care whilst David held her hand.  William’s cares are due at 12 when Esther should also come off her CPAP.

Both babies look so peaceful today.

My operation scar is very painful today.  It has a bit of infection at the top, which should hopefully clear up by itself or else will need recutting, draining and a course of antibiotics.  It is so sore because of where it is, where my tummy naturally folds and sweats. Nice!  I have been having terrible night sweats.  I wake up in the middle of the night to find myself and the bed sodden. Not very nice at all but is very common after giving birth to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins.

David and I skipped the middle of the night ‘feed’ last night, doing 11pm and 5.30am.  It was nice to sleep through while we still have the chance but seemed to make us feel lazier in the morning. 

Dicken came round for tea last night.  He is a funny old soul!  Good to have some time with friends and to unwind a little while we can.  David and I did talk about the babies alot though and showed him all our photos!

Esther came off her CPAP at 12.00, just as my Mum and Dad arrived.  They watched Esther while I did William’s care.  Today there was something new added.  He had a tiny bit of milk on a stick put into his mouth whilst having his tube feed.  The nurse today said that this is very special and an important step towards breastfeeding.  I also helped the nurse change his bed.  I really like being so involved with their care.

After having lunch with Mum, William got himself quite upset, I was able to calm him with a comfort hold and by holding his hand.  I love it when he holds on to my finger.  I love everything that he does.

Esther had her eyes open quite a bit whilst off her CPAP.  I comfort held her and sang to her, and when she forgot to breathe I tapped her little bottom to get her going again.

I am loving getting to know our babies and becoming more confident with their cares.  I have learned so much in such a short space of time, and I know that there is more, much more, to come.


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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