Princess Esther Grace

A good start to the day.  Both Esther and William managed one hour off CPAP over night and will hopefully have another hour today.  Esther is back up to an hourly ml of milk and William is trying 1ml every 2 hours.  They seem to be doing so well though their blood balances are still being finely tuned with different drips and infusions.  Let’s hope the good start continues into a good day.

Esther was crying lots this morning.  It was because she had a dirty nappy.  I joked that she is going to be a princess who does not like being dirty.  My prediction may be true as once clean and dry she was her peaceful little self again.  I love that I am getting to know their ways and seeing their characters develop.  The nurse described Esther as ‘feisty’ today.  All the staff commented on her beautiful and unusual name.

After expression at 10.30am I was able to change William’s nappy and wash his mouth.  He was gripping my finger as if making me stay near him whilst he tried desperately to open his eyes and look at me.  He tried so hard and got them half open.  Our adorable little boy.

The nurse showed me how to turn William from front to back.  It is hard to do on your own because of all the wires but is definitely something that David and I can do together.

Today is going much slower than yesterday.  Esther will be having her care at midday then at 3pm William is coming off his CPAP for an hour.  Esther is to have an hour off too. 

The parents of the new twins are on the ward today.  They seem normal and nice.  Would be nice to make friends with them as we are going to be seeing them a lot over the coming months.  The twins seem to be doing fine.  They are called Maya and Caleb. 

Spent some time this morning plotting and planning – rooms in the house, time to spend with Julie, hair appointments etc …

Esther was due cares at 12 but because I changed her nappy earlier the nurse insisted I left her until 3.  She is an advocate of letting them sleep.  Don’t think I will be getting any cuddles today!  I am sure she will cry when she is dirty though and then I will step in.  It is funny how different nurses have different views.

Time is going so slowly today!


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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