Through His Leg to His Heart!


Wonderful news!  Esther is out of humidity and in a dry cot with a temperature of 34 degrees.  She now needs lots of blankets to keep her warm and is allowed out for cuddles but whist on her CPAP not off.

William struggled to do 2 hours off his CPAP today (early am) but will try again this afternoon.  His cares are due at 1pm and Esther’s after the doctors.  Esther’s milk is going up today to 4mls an hour.  She is tolerating her milk well.  William is staying on 1ml of milk 2 hourly as his stomach is still distended.  He will be reviewed at 2pm and hopefully start 1ml hourly.

Just after the doctors we did Esther’s care.  She had a very messy nappy, one of the more negative effects of breastfeeding.  After the nappy we did milk and I expressed the most ever, almost 200mls.

When we came back Esther was allowed out for a cuddle. First I held her while David read her a story and took photos.  Then we swapped.  It was wonderful having her out and it was clear that she enjoyed it too. 

While we were focused on Esther, William had his long line removed because his arm was red and puffy.  The line had ’tissued’.  They will put a new line in this afternoon but for now his fluids will go through a cannula in his hand.

While the doctors continued to work on William I read Esther her first fairy story while she was off the CPAP.  We read ‘The Frog Princess’. 

William cried and screamed a lot as the doctors worked on him.  It was horrible and I had to fight back the tears.  I love him so much and hate hearing him cry.  Once all the horrible procedures are over William will have his humidity turned off and be like his sister.  Both our babies are doing so well but Esther is just that bit stronger than William.

David left the hospital at 11.45am and is coming back at 6pm when William should be off his CPAP.  Clare is coming just after 1pm.  I am not sure that I will be able to do William’s lunchtime care as it is already 12.50 and the doctors are still all around him.

My scar is still really red and sore.  One of the nurses commented on it and asked if I was on antibiotics.  I am more welcoming to the idea of antibiotics now that I know I can continue to express milk. 

This afternoon I hope to read William his first traditional story, Six Blind Men and an Elephant, if we have some quiet time.

I went to lunch with Clare and Rohan after doing William’s mouth and nappy.  I came back to do milk at 2pm.  Esther was still off CPAP and doing really well.  William’s new line was in and they were waiting for an xray to confirm that it was in the right place.  Poor William, another dose of radiation!

Esther is doing so well today, almost 4 hours off CPAP with no oxygen.  What a little star!  Her next care is due at 4pm when she will also go back on her CPAP.

William’s line now goes through his leg to his heart.  Poor little creature!  But the procedure is over, again, and he can begin to recover, again.  My lovely little man!  William was being given lots of medical care this afternoon and so I spent my time with Esther.  I sang her songs and read her poems, and she had her eyes open the whole time!  She seemed so peaceful but towards the end of her time her breathign looked more laboured, yet her desaturations were fine?!?  The doctor came and I asked him about it but he said she was fine and he would expect her to have to work hard at the end of the session.

Both babies are now allowed a toy in their cot.  I am going to bring their animal blankies in as soon as I have washed them.  I have asked my parents to buy blankets and swaddle robes for each so hopefully they will.

The nurse showed me today how to tuck a baby into a cot, tight on one side and half of the bottom but loose on the other side so they can kick off the covers if they need to and don’t get stuck in the blankets.

The twins had head scans today.  Both results were normal.  More good news!

Today has been a good day.  And Caleb, the little twin, is still here too.

I am looking forward to tomorrow too, morning in the hospital then a break in the afternoon to have lunch and go shopping with Michele.  I am going to buy muslins and blankets that can be used as covers at the hospital.  Also tonight I am going to wash their swaddling robes so that they can be used for cuddles.  It feels so good to be allowed to start giving our babies things.  I love them both so much and want to give them everything I can.  My beautiful son and daughter.  Our family.

We will not see William off his CPAP today as it is not due until 8.00 tonight.  We finished the day by changing his nappy before going home.


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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One Response to Through His Leg to His Heart!

  1. Leah Burnham says:

    hi there, i stumbled accross your blog after i popped onto the bliss website, first time i have been on there in a long time. We had twins at the william harvey hosp in ashford at 26 weeks and 6 days. Needless to say we went through a very long journey of 100 days in nicu and special care and being transferred to different hospitals etc. There were good days (which always seemed better if there were nurses that you liked looking after your precious ones) and there were very dark days through what the hospital describes to everyone as a “emotional rollercoaster” , but through it all i never imagined i would be 11 days from celebrating their first birthday, we were truely blessed. Reading your blog is as if I could of wrote it myself , brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations on the birth of your precious babies, and you sound amazing people , hang on in there through the dark days and remember that your little ones get their strength from their mummy and daddy and that says an awful lot. Big hugs to you and lots of love. Leah and Ken xx

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