Weighty Issues and Cuddles!


A good start to the day today.  Esther has turned a corner by gaining 28 grams in weight.

Both babies are slightly jaundiced and William is going back under the blue lights today.

I decided to stay at the hosiptal all day today and be with the twins.  I know there is so much stuff I could be doing but there is nowhere else I would rather be. 

Esther is back under the blue lights too!

The doctor spoke to us today about William’s heart murmur.  It is very common in preterm babies and most often sorts itself out.  If not there is medication that can help the opne valve to close.  William is still having gas taken out of his stomach and there is also some bile coming out.  Nothing too much to worry about yet but another thing that the doctors are keeping an eye on.

William is going to try some milk today, 1ml every four hours.  Esther is up to 1ml every hour.  Both babies will also be having some time off CPAP today, up to an hour at a time, maybe once or twice a day.

There is a new baby on the ward today called Milly Grace and some twins in the nursery called Poppy and Daisy.  I think we defintiely chose the best name for our little girl.  I would still like the next one to be called Matilda, and a little boy to be Isaac, though I have been thinking about Harrison Henley too.  Maybe not!  Can’t believe I am already thinking about more children but I do definitely want to have some more!

Spoke to the twins’ nurse a lot today.  She has been working in special care since 1984.  She is a great believer in cuddles and I am going to have my first cuddle with William at 12.00, after his caffiene and while he is off his CPAP.

Michele is coming at 4pm today, then Clare, Sujo and Rohan at 5pm.  Tomorrow my parents are coming in the afternoon and staying with us for dinner.

At midday Esther needed a nappy change which I did, and I cleaned her mouth.  Then her incubator broke and so we had an inpromptu, extended cuddle.  It was wonderful!  She lay on her front against my chest and tummy.  It was lovely to hold her and cuddle her and sing to her.  My beautiful little Star!  She seemed to cope well off the CPAP though did have some oxygen support.  She is so amazing, so tiny and warm.  I love her so much.

Esther was really sick when she went back to the incubator and so her milk is being reduced as it does not seem to be passing through her stomach.  Poor little Star! 

She enjoyed her cuddle though she did.  She looked so comfy and settled and made all the noises that a baby should when they are having a cuddle with their Mum.

By 1.40pm Esther had a dirty nappy again so I got to change her again.  William became very vocal at this point, protesting I think, because Esther was getting all the attention.  Because of the poo showing Esther’s gut working she was allowed to have some more milk.  Come on Esther!  Be a strong little star for your Mummy.

Have not expressed now for four hours.  Breasts are very full!  Will have lunch in the breastfeeding room and express for as long as I can.  But I am not leaving here until I have had my time with William, and his nurse is missing her lunch to make that happen too!

There are 23 week twins about to be born.  They will be so tiny and have to go through so much.  Hope they are fighters like our two toughies!

William finally got his nappy change about 2.00pm.  He also seemed to cope well off his CPAP.  As he came out for his cuddle the first of the 23 week twins arrived and all the staff played ‘Guess the Weight!’  It was a little girl at about 550 grams!  Less than half the weight of Esther!

Had a good long cuddle with William from 2.15pm to 3.00pm.  As I put him back I realised that he had a gammy eye.  The nurse is going to look at it, could be a side effect of CPAP or some kind of infection. 

It was lovely cuddling William, so peaceful for both of us.  I love him so much.  He is so tiny and fragile and worth all the world!  And I am his Mummy!  I am so so proud of that!

After all the contact expressing milk was easy and I got just under 100ml!  Need to start storing it in smaller amounts.

There is lots of beeping on the ward now as the doctors work on the new 23 week twins. 

Good luck little ones!

About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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