Head Over Feet


Today has had a very positive start.  There are lots of nice nurses on today which makes the day seem shorter and easier.

The doctor is pleased with both babies.  William is definitely going to have a blood transfusion, it is no longer a matter of if but when!  Premature babies’ bone marrow does not produce red blood cells so as William becomes more anaemic, his blood will need to be supplemented.  The transfusion should help with his breathing episodes and generally make him stronger.  William is now up to 3mls of milk an hour and remaining on 2 hours twice a day off CPAP.

Esther’s milk is rising to 8mls hourly today and they are taking her long line out today!  She still needs a sodium supplement but this is now given through her milk.  She will try 3 hours off CPAP again today.

Before the doctors’ round, David and I did William and Esther’s cares respectively.  The nurses were impressed with our team work.  We do make a very good team! I love David so much.  He left the hospital about 9.20am today to get the work done and earn the money!  I expressed some milk and then made my plan for the day.

William now weighs 1216grams which is nearly 2lb 11oz, so very nearly up to his birth weight.  Esther now weighs 1.010kg which is 2lb 4oz and IS her birth weight!  We are making progress!

Esther’s long line is now out -she is doing so well!  Our little Star!

Both babies are so peaceful this morning, I sat catching up with some personal admin.  Cards and provisional driving licence application!

I read William another fairy story this morning, Jack and the Beanstalk this time.  He slept through it but I know that it will help him to recognise my voice.  When they come out for cuddles this afternoon we will have singing and rhyme time.  How exciting!  Esther is coming out from 1 – 2 and then William from 2 – 3.  A whole hour each!  I hope that my back can cope with that as I really struggled with 90 minutes yesterday.

I had a lovely long lunch break with Maya’s parents today and another couple with a 26 week old daughter in NICU.  We were all able to talk about our experiences which was lovely.  It did mean that I missed an expression and so my boobs got really sore! 9.30 – 3.30 = 6 hours! Ouch!  But worth it not to miss cuddles – I will have to express through the pain!

I had Esther out for cuddles first today.  She had kangaroo care, tucked inside my shirt.  She needed a bit of oxygen support mostly because she buried herself between my breasts.  I was very proud that she was able to do that! We had songs and rhyme time whilst we cuddled and then once back in her incubator I read her The Princess and the Pea to settle her to sleep.  When off CPAP Esther has 25% oxygen in her incubator and William has 27%.

William had his cuddle time after Esther.  I fell head over heels in love with him during this time.  He was looking right at me and making the cutest facial expressions.  All the nurses were cooing over him and saying how handsome he is.  He is getting a bit chubby now compared to what he has been.  He is going to be a beautiful baby boy. 

After cuddles I did cares.  Both babies had lovely yellow poo!  I washed their faces and oiled Esther’s skin.  She really does enjoy having that done.

At 4pm Michele arrived and waited patiently while I expressed milk for the first time in 6 hours!  I got over 160mls.  I had a good chat with Michele over a cup of tea.  I am so grateful for her friendship and support.  Don’t know where I would be without her to talk to.  She has been wonderful through IVF, pregnancy, surgery and birth.  At 4.45 pm she came up to see the babies for half an hour.  We chatted to the nurse about their progress and mostly about William’s blood transfusion.  They will not phone to tell us that it is being done as it is just considered a routine part of his treatment.  I think had I not recently had a transfusion myself I would have been quite freaked out by the idea but because of what a blood transfusion did for me, I know that it will be good for William too.  He is just SO small!

There are nice nurses on in this room tomorrow and so I am happy to leave the babies and spend some time with my sister as planned.

I am to ask the girls tomorrow if they will save cares for me and if we can have cuddles when we get back from our day. 

Will be nice for David to have a chance at cuddles!


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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