Aunty Julie


William, for the first time, is doing better than his sister.  He is needing less oxygen and is tolerating full feeds well.  His long oline is out and his last cannula was taken out this morning.  He is still having caffeine and some sodium in his milk.  He will have an hour off CPAP today hopefully, to give his nose a rest. 

Esther is still struggling with her breathing.  She is desaturating to quite low levels and doing it quite a lot!  It is because she loses the seal on her CPAP by having her mout open all the time.  The nurse today was brilliant, trying different things to improve the situation.  She tried different sized prongs and a mask.  The mask combined with a dummy has stopped Esther desaturating.  She is more relaxed, her heart rate is down and she is breathing easier.

William managed one hour off CPAP today.  He seems very relaxed and enjoyed having stories read to him by his Aunty Julie.  Hugh came to see the babies too today.  I am glad that he got to see them before they fly back to Oz.  I have really enjoyed having Julie here and will miss her very much.

Esther is still really struggling, even with her new mask.  Her desat levels were down in the 50s.  The nurse said that the best thing for her is to be left alone as she is obviously exhausted and needs to sleep to get better.  She will not be having any cuddles today.

I decided that the best place for me was home so that both babies could have complete peace and rest to get stronger and grow.

Phoned the hospital at 5.30pm and 10.30pm.  Both babies are doing well.  Esther was having a better night than last night.  She came off CPAP for her cares.  William had an hour off and seemed to be doing really well. 

I really missed being with the babies today.  I sorted out their clothes, muslins and blankets, and made a start on the baby washing.

It was nice to have some time with Julie too.  I really wish that she was here to stay.

About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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