Possible Infection!


Arrived at the hospital just before 9am.  The doctors were intubating a new arrival on the ward so we were asked to wait in the lounge. 

David had to leave to look after Rohan before the doctors came round. 

I was able to change Esther’s nappy and oil her flaky skin.  She seemed to really enjoy having the oil massaged in and it stopped her desaturating.  She also liked holding my hand.

Tracy, today’s nurse, explained that Esther is tired.  She needs to be on CPAP continuously to help with her breathing.  Her oxygen support varies but she is currently on 27%.  She just needs time to rest and grow.  The doctors looked at her.  She is to stay on her CPAP with no time off and to continue on 8 mls of milk hourly.  The doctor has asked for a  chest xray and for her bloods to be cultured to rule out infection.  The main thought is however that she was pushed too hard too fast and is now very tired.  They are also checking her HB (iron) levels to rule out anaemia.  Poor Esther but at least we will know one way or another.  She lost weight overnight.

William is doing well.  He has put on more weight and is now 3lb 1 and a half ozs.  Because of this his milk has gone up to 9ml every hour.  He will have one hour off CPAP today.  He did one and a half hours last night but was very tired.  The doctors are pleased with his progress but do not want to push him too hard.  He is on 22% oxygen.

After the doctors round Julie came with me to the milking room as otherwise we were going to run out of time together.  After milk we went to see the babies and then it really was time for Julie to go.  I told her through tears that I really wished she could stay.  I have loved having her here.  I love my wee sis very much and the twins will love their Aunty Julie, I’ll make sure that they do, even when she is far away in the land of Oz.

After Julie left I did William’s nappy and oiled his skin etc… He was so good and so stable.  After cares he came off his CPAP and we read poems and and sang hymns.  His incubator oxygen was set at 26% whilst he was off his CPAP.  He and Esther are both now having multi vitamins with their feeds. 

William really is a gorgeous baby.  I got some great photos today.  I love him SO much!

I went away for some lunch and came back to find William still off his CPAP.  He was approaching 2 hours and seemed to still be doing well.

Esther had her chest xray.  The doctor and Tracy talked me through it.  It seemed fine though there was a tiny white area that the doctor called ‘fluff’!  This could be the start of something but they need to see blood cultures first. If they show something out of the ordinary then Esther will start some antibiotics.  They have put a cannula in just in case.  Esther howled as the doctor put it in and Tracy gave her some sugary water to soothe her.  It seemed to help.  It really breaks my heart when she cries and to see the doctors sticking things in her and taking her blood.  They really struggled to get blood today.  They were trying to get it out of her hand.  Poor little Star!

After milk at 2.15pmI was able to have both William and Esther out for cuddles whilst on their CPAP.  It was lovely.  I was a bit hesitant but Tracy reassured me that cuddles are good for them aswell as me. 

One set of bloods came back for Esther that were taken very early this morning.  They showed no signs of infection but her Hb had dropped to 11.  It should be higher than 12.  Tracy thinks we are 2-3 days away from her first blood transfusion.  I think so too as I now recognise the signs – pale, struggling with breathing and agitiated easily.  I actually hope that she will have one soon as it seems to have done the world of good for William.  We have to wait now for the results of her afternoon blood tests to see if they indicate an infection or anaemia.

William will also have further blood tests this afternoon as he may need to go back under the blue lights for jaundice!  This is routine for their gestation and to be expected.  Poor Master William!

Just before 5pm the doctors came round again and explained that Esther has slight shadowing on the left side of her lung but this could just be the natural maturing of her lungs.  She is currently presenting no signs of infection, so for now we sit tight.  If anything out of the norm shows there will be no hesitation in starting antibiotics.  But for now, we wait!  I am going to have to get very good at waiting.  One of the other reasons that the doctor is happy to wait is that Esther has been back in air for much of today.  Such a rollercoaster!

Tracy wants me to go to my GP and get my operation scar looked at, so I will make an appointment tomorrow. Will also go for my postnatal check up on Folkestone Ward.

Esther’s blood test came back clear!  She is not showing any signs of infection.  We can breathe a sigh of relief … for now!

When we got home we measured and planned out the nursery and bought the remaining furniture we needed from IKEA.  Online thankfully!

Can’t wait to start getting the room sorted and then bring our babies home!


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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