Sticky Stools!


Happy 4 week birthday Babies!

Arrived at the hospital at 9am to find William off CPAP.  He only had 2 hours off last night as he had a few bradys and desats (low heartrate and low oxygen levels).  He came off at 8.30am and will stay off until 2.30pm all being well.  At the moment he seems quite stable in 22% ambient oxygen.

Esther is on her CPAP but is in air and seems stable.  She will come off at 12, hopefully for 4 hours.  Her cares are due at 12 and so my plan is to start William at 11 and then move on to Esther before she comes off her CPAP.  When she is settled off the CPAP I will wash her face and ears, and dress her in her lovely new clothes.  It is much easier to do while they are not connected to so many things!

Esther has gained weight and her feeds have now gone up to 10mls hourly.  She weighs 1.33g which is so close to 3lbs!  The nurses are talking to the doctors today about increasing her caffeine to help with her bradys and desats.  She will also hopefully start to have it twice a day which William already does.  Louise thinks that this new dosage will sort her out.

William now weighs 1645g which is almost 3lb 10oz.  He gained 10g.

I am very cross today that I have a dead camera battery so will have no photos of the twins on their 4 week birthday!  I charged the battery overnight but I myst have done it wrong! Oh dear.

Dr Chalmers came to see Esther and William today.  She is their named consultant and we will be going to her clinic when we leave here.  She has put William back to hourly feeds after his episode last night and has upped his caffeine dose to match his new weight. 

William passed a ‘sticky stool’ last night, with some mucus, so a sample has been sent to the lab for testing.  I wonder if it could be because they started iron supplements yesterday?  Esther’s caffeine is also being upped and will be given twice daily from now on, the same as her brother.  She will remain on 4 hours off CPAP.  I really don’t want her pushed as she gets so tired towards the end of her time as it is, and I want her to use all her energy for growing.  She looks so tiny today!  My perfect little Thumbelina!

At the end of their time off CPAP today, when their blood gases are done they will also both have their HB measured.  As they both seem to be struggling today I will be very interested to see those results.  Today is not a good day for Esther and William.  It is a day when what they really need is sleep.  They are desatting, all be it fleetingly, every few minutes.

At 11.40am I did Esther’s nappy and body wash.  I will wash her face and dress her when she is settled off CPAP.

William has just had his 12 o’clock feed and promptly threw up his vitamins. 

When I did Esther’s nappy her poo was a bit different so I am hoping that it is just the iron for both of them.

I am going to read William a story while his feed goes down and then will do his cares.  Then maybe do some singing, if he is awake.

I wonder how David and Tony are getting on?  They are building the buggy garage today. 

William has really loud hiccups!  I am used to hearing them from Star but I am sure this is the first time with young Will!  He looks like an angel when he’s sleeping.  I changed his nappy and gave him a wash at 12.15pm.  He was so good.  He loves being handled at the moment where Esther is not so keen.  He was wide awake and being adorable.  He is in air and has high oxygen levels.  He looks so cosy!  He does have a runny tummy though.  Poor thing.  We have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday for results from the lab.  Please don’t let it be anything too serious!  I love him so much.  He is such a little cutie!

Esther is in 27% ambient oxygen and seems quite stable now.  Bless her.  Our lovely, tiny little Star!  I call her Thumbelina because she is so tiny but so perfect.  Keep growing little one.


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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