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Today we got to the hospital just in time for David to do William’s cares.  He washed his face and ears and changed his nappy.  We then dressed him in his new sleepsuit.  He looks very cute!  He has a puffy eye this morning, I think from where his CPAP strap has been.  He is very settled though, still enjoying being handled and doing well off CPAP.  He did 6 hours off CPAP last night and is off again now.  Today the doctors want to try to stretch him to 7 or 8 hours off depending on how he is coping.  He has gained weight again and now weighs 1.67kg which is more than 3lb 10oz.  Esther also now weighs over 3lbs which is very exciting. 

Esther’s Hb was tested again last night and had dropped to 8.4.  They are retesting today and if that level is confirmed they will top her up today (give her a blood transfusion).  Today they will try to keep her off CPAP for 5 hours. 

I did Esther’s cares just before 10am and afterwards she was wide awake and gripping on to my finger like she never wanted to let go.  My beautiful, tiny daughter!  We will make things alright for you.  I promise.

There is a visiting ban on the ward at the moment for everyone apart from parents and grandparents.  It is because there is an infection on the ward.  One of the symptoms is diarrhoea which means that they are keeping a close eye on William.  There is always something new to worry about!

I think that Alfie, next to Esther, may have the infection.  He has his own bin, own laundry basket and the nurses have to wear gloves and aprons when they handle him!  The nurses cannot say who is infected or with what because of confidentiality!  It is quite worrying though.  There is nothing you can do to protect your little ones apart from washing your hands!  I hope it is not too serious an infection or too contagious!  Poor babies!  I will be worrying all the time now!


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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