One More Step Along the World We Go!


Today had an exciting start as Jane wheeled in the twin cot!  William is making his move today and Esther should follow in a couple of days.  Luckily I have started washing the bedding already!

William had a good night despite looking like he was struggling when we left yesterday just before 9pm.  He had his 6 hours on CPAP then came back off.  Esther has upgraded herself to overnight CPAP as she got too angry and distressed with it on!  She has been a very angry lady today!  David changed her nappy while he was here and helped to wash and dress her.  She was then sick on her new outfit.  Think we need to get used to that happening!  She has been sick a couple of times this morning, just a tiny bit, and I think it is in response to her vitamins.

Tonight David and I need to go to Tesco to get the following things: 2 x plastic storage boxes with lids, 2 x packs of Pampers Micro Nappies, 4 cot sheets and if possible 2 x double sided soft baby books that fold out.  The plastic boxes are to store their clothes and blankets in as their new cot only has two drawers which are for their wash things.

When David left I did William’s cares and got him ready for his new home!  So exciting!

Esther gained 55g over night and now weighs over 1500g, 1520g which is about 3lb 6oz.  William gained 11g and now weighs 1756g which is 3lb 14oz.  He needs 10 more grams to reach 4lbs! 

Now that he is in an open cot William will be weighed on the big boy scales!  Jane says that this could show a big loss or gain but not to worry, whatever that inital new weight is will be used as a new baseline.

Both babies seem settled on their Lo Flo today.  Esther at 0.08 and William at 0.03.  They seem to be doing really well.  Fingers crossed!

The plan today is to try both babies on the breast at a time when they are awake and hungry.  Then at 6pm when David comes we will put them together for a while.  Also, at some point today we are expecting the eye doctor!!!

The babies got the all clear from the eye doctor and will be tested again in two weeks to see if anything changes.

The feeding cuddles were lovely today.  Their feeds are staggered at the moment which makes life a bit easier for me.  William feeds on even hours and Esther on odd.  So at 11.30am Dorota helped me to get William out of the twin cot.  I put him to the breast and he was awake.  He had a lick around and tried a bit of sucking.  He did much better than yesterday and I can’t wait to try him again tomorrow. 

At 12.30pm I got Esther out.  She seemed to understand straight away what to do.  She licked for a bit, then chomped on my nipple for a bit, then opened her mouth up wide and started sucking!  She was sucking for a good while then decided to show us that she does not know how to swallow by spitting out the milk that she had managed to suck all down my top!  Bless.

Both babies were so calm and stable whilst at the breast.  They obviously like being there which is a good step in the right direction.  Now to get the feeding part right which will take patience and perseverence from all of us over the next few weeks.

Beginning to breastfeed is the most wonderful experience.  I love having them so close, holding them, talking to them, loving them, feeding them and helping them grow.

What a lovely day!


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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