Baby Envy!


Today the morning has flown by.  It is already 11.50am.  Still no doctors!

David and I arrived at about 8.30am.  David stayed to do Esther’s cares.  Now that they are in the twin cot we take them out to change them, like a little ensuite changing room.  William loves it but Esther is not so keen.  I think that she gets cold.

They are both on 0.02 on their Lo Flo oxygen and neither have needed any rescue CPAP.  So far!  I don’t want to be too confident or too hopeful as there are lots of things that could still go wrong.  Mostly I am scared about infection!

Both babies have gained weight over night.  Esther gained 55 grams and so now weighs 1580g which is 3lb 7 and a half ounces, approximately.  She is having 23mls of milk every two hours.  William gained 10g and now weighs 1850g which is 4lb 1oz exactly.  He is having 27mls of milk every two hours.

Both babies are also now being put to the breast for alternate feeds.  They are both trying really hard to feed themselves and William can definitely swallow.  Dorota got about 5mls out of his tummy after his first attempt today.  Well done William!  You super little boy!

Esther has had two attempts today but she does not really seem so bothered.  She just likes to snuggle up, have a cuddle and listen to stories.  When having cuddles she is needing very little oxygen if any at all.  She is getting to be such a cute little thing, with a very happy face.  When she isn’t crying!

My plan for the rest of today is

2.30pm milk, 3pm cuddle with William, 4.30pm meet Hannah, 6pm William feed, 7pm Esther feed and 7.30pm go home in time for Sainsburys shopping.

It can only be a provisional plan as successful attempts at breastfeeding rely on babies being awake, alert and hungry, so I have to watch for the signs!

I am definitely feeling much more confident and involved now.  And busy!  It is brilliant!

I felt my first bit of baby envy today and it was with David because he was getting the first cuddles of the day with Esther.  It was a horrible feeling but I just couldn’t stop it.  It was awful and has further proven to me the need for our two weeks home alone where we can cuddle them as much as we want before beginning to share them with others.  I can’t wait for that time.  Still a way to go yet!

During post feed cuddles I read both babies their Mr Men books again.  I have also read Esther some Bible stories and we did some singing.  Thumbelina!

I asked Laura to be Esther’s Godmother last night and she said Yes!  Laura and Michele will be such good Godmothers, such good role models for her.  She is a very lucky little girl.  William is lucky too with Michele for Godmother and James for Godfather and a second secret so far Godfather who I think is a very good choice.  We have not asked him yet though!  I am really looking forward to the christening.  I have chosen some of the readings already – Jesus and the little children, Invictus by William Henley and Guess How Much I Love You.  We are going to have a caption competition using pictures of the twins.  Instead of presents we are going to ask for donations to buy a twin cot and/or other twin accessories for the NICU at William Harvey Hospital.  We are hoping to have the reception at The Swan but that might be too expensive.  We could have it in the church barn or somewhere else around.  Will be cold in January so we will want somewhere warm!

Gone 3pm and the doctors’ round is still going on!  My plan for the day is already up the spout! 

David and I have now moved into our new bedroom.  Now we are adding the finishing touches to the nursery after giving it a through clean.  We still have quite a bit to do in the playroom too then just lots of washing and general cleaning.  It is exciting knowing that we are getting ready to bring our children home!

I am looking forward to seeing Hannah this afternoon.  Have not seen her since she left Frittenden.  We will have a good chat!

The doctors are taking ages today.  I think that Esther and William are definitely the most well babies i the ward!  They certainly seem to have taken up the least amount of their time!  It is quite frustrating losing so much time with the little ones.  The living room area os just full of parents waiting!  It never takes this long.  I think there must be a development with one of the babies.  Not sure I am going to be able to do much now before going to meet Hannah.  I am going to bring her up to meet the babies else I will hardly have seen them this afternoon.

This is so annoying!  The doctors are now talking to some parents but surely they could do their talking away from the ward so that the rest of us can be let in.

Finally allowed back in and I am busy taking photos.  I have come to the conclusion that though Esther has a very cute face she is not at all photogenic.  I have been trying to capture her funny little face with no success!

Lovely Little Star!

She is lovely though, and very vocal today!  They are both being quite vocal actually today.  In a very adorable way!

Hannah visited this afternoon.  Was great to see her and catch up.  She bought gorgeous blankies for Esther and William that they will love. 

On Saturday I will swap all their bedding and they can have Michele’s pink and blue blankets with the blankies from Hannah.  They will go very nicely together.

Hannah stayed til just after 6.30pm.  She was telling me about the premature twins that she is a nanny for.  They were born at 30 weeks.  She stayed with me whilst William tried to breastfeed.  It wa snice to have her here.  Shortly after Hannah left David arrived.  He cuddled William whilst Esther had her last breastfeed for the day.  I love ending our day with cuddles.  Can’t wait til we are all at home and can cuddle at will, forever, every single day!


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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