Dear Esther and William

Dear Esther and William

I suggested to people who know us that they should write to you and tell you about themselves.  Some people already have, your Aunty Julie, Rew and Francoise.  It got me thinking that maybe I should write to you and tell you a bit about me.

My name is Jennie, Jennie Nairn, and I am your Mummy.  I am nearly 34 years old and I love you both more than all the world. 

I had not always thought that I would have children but as soon as I met your Daddy we started planning for you.  We want you and love you so much and feel so very lucky to have you.

Daddy (David) and I met in May 2007.  I was living with Michele (your Godmother) at the time and working with her at Kings Hill School.  I was a primary school teacher and Michele was my teaching assistant.  Our school was getting a new website and your Daddy was making it. 

I first met him in the Headteacher’s office and I liked his ideas for the website very much.  I also thought that your Daddy looked like a very nice man.  A week or so later we met again at a staff meeting .  Daddy was showing all the staff at school how to use his website.  I liked your Daddy very much and wanted to get to know him better.

We started emailing each other and then met up for a drink about a week later.  We then had lots of meetings.  Meetings where we would lose track of all time and just enjoy being together and learning all about one another.  We both knew it was special from the very beginning and that has certainly proved to be true because it is three years later now and here you two are!!

About one month after we met we became boyfriend and girlfriend.  We talked lots about how we wanted our life to be, about how we wanted to view the world and to explore the wonders within it.  Daddy and I talked lots about our hopes and dreams, about possibilities.  About mountains and sail boats, knots and semaphore!

One day in July 2007, at Bewl Water, we talked for the first time about having children.   In July 2010 you were born!  You are a perfect part of the life we dreamed of, have longed for since first we met.  Now you two will be the centre of our life together, the centre of our world.  You are the future.  We love you.

Daddy and I like lots of the same things that we hope you will grow to like too.  Crumpets and fires, marshamallows and sausages, camping and walking, sailing and swimming, rivers and lakes and seas.  We love forests and mountains and luscious green fields.  Sunsets and crisp winter days.  We want to take you on so many adventures amd teach you to do wonderful things.  We will show you the world’s wonders and tell you great stories of things that may never be.  We’ll learn poems and legends and tell tales tall.  We will sing silly songs, uplifting songs and dance to our very own tune.  The things we will do!!!

Daddy is going to build us a house one day, one we have planned from the start.  A house with an office overlooking a lake, a long enough garden for arrows, with great roaring fires, well trodden wood floors and great nooks and crannies for hiding and seeking.  A place where our family will grow and magical memories will be made.  We plan to travel the world with you, there is so much for us to find and see.  So much to touch, scents to smell and such sights you won’t believe your eyes!  But we wnat you always to be glad to come home.  To a place that is safe and warm.  A place where your are loved above all else.  No matter what or when. 

We have so much to look forward to when we are allowed to bring you home.

Our first Christmas will be wonderful, starting the traditions for every season that follows.  I am so excited about that.  Your Dad is not a big fan of Christmas but I am sure that will change now that you are here.  I cannot wait until the first time that you see snow and snowflakes land on your tongues!  I can’t wait for you to see the lights and hear the carols, smell the turkey and dress the tree.  I want you to tingle as you feel the magic fill the air.  The new year will hold more celebrations, with your christening and our wedding! 30th January and 10th September, dates to keep in mind.

Daddy asked me to marry him in December 2008.  It was the most wonderful day of my life, matched only by the day that you two were born. And the day we found out you were coming!

Daddy proposed at Bodiam Castle in a very romantic way.  It was the longest night of the year and I was woken from a deep, deep sleep.  I heard a voice saying, “Wake up, Jennie.  Jennie.  Wake up!”  I realised that your Dad was not beside me.  Our song started playing (I’ll Stop the World, The Cure).  I got out of bed and started looking for your Daddy before realising that the voice and the music was coming from the computer.  The voice was saying, “Before the dawn on the longest night, I’ll wake you, Look outside let the blue lights guide you, Wrap up warm, your future awaits you.”

I rushed to look out of the window to the back garden but could not see anything.  I looked out fo the front window and saw a blue light flickering on the footpath to the castle.  I got dressed and spotted a torch labelled, “Bring me with you!”  I took the torch and left the house, heading for the blue light.  When I reached the footpath I noticed that lots of blue lights were leading and lighting the way toward the castle. 

Your Daddy was very clever to choose blue as it is my favourite colour.  Blue lights have already played a part in your life too, but I’ll tell you more about that later.

I let the lights guide me, following them with my torch.  I was excited and terrified all at the same time.  The lights led all the way to the draw bridge of the castle that too was all bathed in blue.  And there was your Daddy, waiting in the bitter cold with the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen!  He told me that he loved me and asked me to be his wife.  It was just wonderful!  A perfect moment.  I love your Daddy so much and know that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him.  And we are the luckiest couple in all the world to have the two of you.  We love you and will do for always x

love Mummy x x

Be safe and strong my little ones x


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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