Weighing it all up!


Today we came to the hospital at 7.30am because last night the nurse said that the babies are restless at night because they miss us.  Now I won’t ever want to go or stay home!

Esther was awake when we arrived so I scooped her up for a quick kiss before she had a cuddle with her Dad.  I then did William’s cares before putting him to the breast.  I tried putting him to the other breast today and he fed really well.  He has lost weight over night and now weighs 1945g. 

Esther gained 5g and now weighs 1.66 kilos.  She has to be over 1.8kg in order to come home.  Her average weight gain is 11 grams a day, say 10 to be conservative and for ease of working out.  It will be 2 weeks at least before she is ready for home!  In saying that she fed well at 9.30am from the breast and took a full tube feed too.

I went to express milk at 11am and the doctors came round.  The round lasted over an hour as all the doctors are new.  The junior doctors change every 6 months apparently as part of their training and development.  Not the consultants but the others. 

The only change for us today is that both babies have had their caffeine reduced to once a day.  It is usually stopped at 34 weeks but for ours may be 34 and a bit.  Everything else remains the same.  Just enjoy lots of cuddles and persevere with feeding!

I spoke to Elizabeth a few times today, the main nurse from the next room.  She actually seems very nice and has lots of tips and advice.  I think that now I feel ready to move next door.

The feeds have all slipped a bit today because of one thing and another.  William is next due at 6pm and Esther at 7.30pm.  I will have been here for 12 hours by then!  It has gone really quickly actually and I have quite enjoyed my day.  I am hungry though.  I always seem to be hungry these days.


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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