All By Ourselves!


Our second day in Nursery 3 (or is it 1? Think I may have nursery names confused??)

Both babies were sound asleep when we arrived.  Esther woke up just in time for her 8.30am feed.  I did all her cares and weighed her.  She has gained 50 grams and now weighs 1760g which is just over 3lb and 14oz and William has passed the 2 kilo mark at 2.1kg which is 4lb 6oz!  We are making progress!

They are both making super progress with their feeding too, thanks to Anne and Elizabeth.  Anne helped Esther to latch on again today and Elizabeth showed me how to use ‘nurture’ to get William to open his mouth and feed.  This involved placing him to the breast from the tummy in a vertical position, as he would have been placed at birth.  This prompts him to suck.  It is a natural instinct for babies that they sometimes need reminding of.  It certainly worked for young Will who had a poor day with regards to feeding.  He was not latching on properly and so was getting very little milk but lots of air that left him feeling uncomfortable.  Poor little thing.

Both babies had routine bloods today and the eye doctor is either coming this evening or tomorrow morning.  They are to continue on caffeine for a few more days, possibly til Monday?  The doctor says that we have 7 – 10 days until we will be discharged!

William is now on 45mls every 3 hours and Esther on 40mls.  More progress!

Esther and William both had full feeds (old total) at 11.30 and 12.30.  William slept through his feed but Esther and I went off for a road trip to the Feeding/Expressing Room!  It was our first time just the two of us and it was wonderful!  I wheeled the cot to the room and shut the door on the world.  It was so quiet.  Just the tiny sounds of Esther breathing and grunting and moaning!  She is quite noisy really but in the most beautiful way.  I cannot wait to get her and her brother home.  The doctor thinks that we are looking at 7 – 10 days!  We have so much to do!  They asked if we were ready at home.  I lied and said yes but we so are not!

William slept through his 12.30 feed so he will go to the breast at 3.30pm, Esther will next try at 5.30pm unless she is wide awake at half past two.

I got William a hat today.  Mint green.  He looks very cute!

We have moved into the twin alcove on the ward, where Poppy and Daisy used to be.  It is a good place for us to be as we have more space and can make it more homely.

During the Consultant update this afternoon the Consultant said, independently of the doctor, that we should be heading home in a week to ten days.

Today has been a frustrating day.  William is not feeding very well at all and the nurse looking after us today is not really that helpful.  She is friendly enough but is not really paying that much attention to us.  She is looking after all the young girls and sorting out their issues. 

Elizabeth is lovely and helpful but she is not looking after us.

Because of the lack of feeding there has also been a lack of cuddles.  I am actually feeling completely fed up!

Esther’s Hb is 9.9.  The doctors are going to bear it in mind but she is not going to be transfused at the moment.  William’s Hb is also low at 10 but he is not going to be transfused either.  They are so close to 34 weeks and should be producing their own red blood cells by now so it is best not to give them a transfusion unless absolutely necessary.  So, we are carrying on as before.

Everything now hinges on feeding and feeding is NOT going well!!

I am going for a sulk, a cry and a cup of tea.

I have been so hot today which I think has made me irritable too.  I am in desperate need of clothes that fit me.  I could do with a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of baggy jeans, some tops and shoes and socks.  It is so hot in the hospital.  I am really feeling it today as the only trousers I can currently fit into are a pair of thick cords!

Today I drew up the babies vitamin and iron supplements.  It was easy to do after preparing IVF injections for so long. 

At 6pm Mr Edwards, the eye doctor, came.  David was here and so we stayed to watch the examination.  I was not brave enough last time when I was on my own.  It was a simple procedure and resulted in both babies being given the all clear.  They will be examined again in two weeks, hopefully as outpatients!


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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