My Real Baby!


We arrived at the hospital at 8am.  The nurse was waiting for us to feed Esther.  David did a quick nappy change and then I put her to the breast while David did William’s cares.  Esther seemed to feed really well and William has gained weight!  He now weighs 4lb 5 and a half ounces, 1970g!

After feeding William and Esther I expressed the rest of the milk and then sorted out the babies’ clothes and tidied the cot space.  I like doing that.  Makes me feel useful.

At about 12 I did Esther’s cares.  She has gained weight too, 40 grams and now weighs 1.7kg which is so very nearly 4lbs!  I am so excited that they seem to be doing so well.

During the doctors’ round I was allowed to take Esther to Nursery 3 to feed her.  Anne was looking after us and she helped Esther to latch on really well and to have a really good feed.  Good enough to only need half of her tube feed but we gave her it all anyway so that she can keep gaining weight.  Anne also showed me how to wind Esther.  She likes being put over my shoulder for winding.  It felt wonderful doing that.  It was like she was a real baby.  My real baby!

I like the room next door now and understand from my visit how the focus and specialism of the staff is different from room 2.  Nursery 3 will provide a steep learning curve for David and I, and I cannot wait to get started.

It is MRSA swab day today!

Esther’s next feed is due at 5.30pm and I will get her out for that, even if it is just for a cuddle.  William is due at 3.30pm and unless he wakes up I will let him sleep through.  It is 2.45pm now.

William slept soundly through his feed and his swabs. 

I have tried to be better at expressing today.  I have managed 1am, 7am, 10.30am, 2.30pm so far, will try and also do 7.30pm and 10.30pm.  I will still really be two expressions short!

I need to stop eating chocolate too!  Have had a twix and a milky way today, and have eaten chocolate every day without fail since the babies were born!


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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