Woke up this morning just after 5,30am to express milk and I was in the shower by 6am.  I was then able to have porridge and a cup of tea before leaving in good time for the hospital.  We arrived on the ward at about 7.20am, hoping to start Esther’s cares but she did not stir until 7.50am.  We then did her cares and she had a good feed with me before her half top up.  William also had a good feed at 9.15am with his half top up.  I think that the feeding must be going quite well as both babies have gained weight today.  10 grams for William and 35 grams who is now 1830g, which is enough to come home! Hurrah!

Esther is suffering badly with wind when she is being tube fed and I think that she may be showing signs of having colic. 

We have Caroline today who is being lovely and helpful, and answering all my many quesions!

Both babies are struggling with their tube feeds today.  Esther’s has taken well over an hour to go through.  William is hiccupping through his and both just seem really uncomfortable. 

With Caroline I have reviewed the feeding plan.  We are going to try feeding the babies at the breast whenever they are awake for their feed time.  I tried that a bit with Esther today.  She had two good feeds at 8 and 2 and a bit of an effort at 5.  William had a good feed at 9 and a not very good feed at 3. 

William is tired today because he had his Echo – an ultrasound scan of his heart.

Thankfully it showed that he does not have a hole in his heart as originally suspected by Dr Shah, but he does have a PDA.  This will hopefully get better on its own or may require medication or surgical procedures to close the duct that is open. 

William will have a further echocardiogram in December with Dr Shah to see how his PDA is pregressing and to ensure that he is not developing more symptoms of his condition.  At the moment the only really noticeable thing is that his breathing is often quite laboured and loud.  Poor William.  I hope that it closes on its own.  I would really struggle if he had to have heart surgery.  I love him so so much.


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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