The Breast Laid Plans!


Today we got to the hospital just before 8.00am, ready to do Esther’s cares before her first feed.  David did her cares and then she had a really good breastfeed.  She was given a half top up.  Today she has gained 5 grams in weight and is just 5 more grams away grom the magic going home weight of 1.5kg!

While Esther was feeding David did William’s cares.  He has gained 40 grams and weighs 2085g!  Tomorrow William will have his routine bloods done and hopefully his sodium supplements will stop.  Sodium is given to help with growth but can also cause fluid retention and puffiness.  William has been suffering with puffy feet and eyes which could be an indication that he no longer needs his sodium.  William’s caffeine will also be stopped tomorrow and Esther’s has been stopped today as she has been very tachycardic.  If her heartrate continues to be so high then they will investigate for further signs of a possible infection.

William had a good breastfeed at 9.30am.  He was sucking away for 30 minutes.  He seemed to get lots of milk but also lots of air.

Esther and William both have hiccups, one slightly after the other.  Together they sound like a very loud ribbeting frog!

I am feeling sad about myself today.  Sad that I feel very unattractive, that none of my clothes fit and I don’t have any time to myself to make myself look and feel better.  To make the time to do milk, have a shower, a proper breakfast and make myself look nice I would have to get up at about 5am to still be at the hospital on time!  At the moment I cannot even find the time to buy a pair of jeans that will fit me!

I am going to start keeping a food diary that includes a calorie count.  I can eat 4000 calories a day whilst breastfeeding and no more.  I am going to try and opt for more healthy breastfeeding snacks.  Everything that I have read though advises no diet while breastfeeding and no exercise for the first three months, that takes me until the 24th October!  Then I will have just two months to sort myself out before Christmas and 6 more weeks until Julie’s wedding!!!

Both babies slept soundly through their lunch time tube feeds so hopefully they will be awake for 2.30 and 3.30.  That will be their second breastfeed for today.  I may try William again at 6.30pm if he is awake and Esther at 8.30pm if we are still here.

Dr Shah popped in to see William and has stopped his caffeine today.

I am a bit worried about David and I, about how we are coping with the transition from a couple of two to a family of four.  I am sure that we will be fine.

Coping with prematurity brings out who you are as an individual and as a couple.  The pressure is so great that you have to see yoursefl as a unit battling together against a struggle, rather than succumbing to the frustration and inconvenience it causes in the couple relationship.  You really have to go into it as a couple and face it together.” Dr Agnew

I know that I am silly to worry about David and I.  The last few weeks have proved more than ever how right we are for one another and how strong we are together.  I could not do any of this without him.

Now that the twins have had their caffeine stopped they should have their monitors removed on Wednesday!  That will be one less wire to worry about and no more beeping!

Both Esther and William had good feeds at 2pm and 3pm respectively.  After their feeds they each had a half top up.  Almira has written up a breastfeeding plan for tomorrow.  It is to be reviewed and updated each day but tomorrow I have agreed to try alternate feeds with both babies starting at 8.00am.  Will be an early start to a long, long day!


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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