Goodbye Louise and Thank You x


We have survived our second night as a family.  It went better than the first, I think, and we definitely all got more sleep.  The babies were obviously waking for feeds and they also needed lots of nappy changes, and a complete outfit change for Esther as she weed through her nappy!

We had the babies weighed this morning and they have both lost 15 grams.  Louise says that we should be pleased with this and see it as an achievement as some babies lose as much as 90g when they start demand breastfeeding.  She says that now it will be up to us and the doctors now as to when we go home, whether we are happy to go home when the babies weight is static or if we wait for them to start putting weight back on.

We said goodbye to Louise today as she is off now until Wednesday.  I will miss Louise very much.  She has been wonderful to us these last few weeks and has been someone I would ask anything or tell anything to.  I hope that we will see her again when the twins are older.

The babies had their immunisations today.  We are both (David and I) staying with them all day today as they may be grumpy or have a fever in reaction to the innoculation.  So far though they have just been sleepy and if anything Esther actually feels a bit cold.

They have also both had their newborn hearing screening and they passed with flying colours. 

Hearing Test


William will have a repeat echo cardiogram at Dr Shah’s clinic on the 6th December 2010.

We have watched the Infant Life Support DVD.

Everything is in place, ready for us to go home.  For all of us to go home, all four of us, the four of us, together!!!!

About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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