Share a story about a memorable job interview

I have been looking forward to writing this post all day but have not had a moment yet to myself.  Occupational hazard for a full time Mummy of twins!

I want to tell you about the interview I never had for my very first teaching job.

In 2005 I graduated with first class honours as a primary school teacher.  I trained to be a teacher at St Martin’s College in Ambleside, the Lake District.  When I began my teaching career I wanted to come home to Kent.  I came home one weekend for an interview for a job that I did not really want and at the same time I visited another school on the off chance.

The school I visited was Kings Hill School and the lady I met that day was Sue Tunnicliffe, who was to become my first ever Headteacher.  A true inspiration to me and has helped me throughout my career as a primary school teacher.

I visited the school in jeans on the way back from a windy walk at Camber Sands.  Sue showed me around the school and I fell in love with it.  A new building with bright airy classrooms and lots of ideas for the future.  Each of the classrooms was full of brightly coloured displays and role play corners and new resources.  The playground and outside area was huge with lots of potential.  I knew that this was the school for me.  Sue and I talked a lot as we walked around the school and she was very clever at extracting the information she wanted from me.  In return I think she could tell that I was enthusiastic and passionate about my chosen profession.  I had lots of ideas and I wanted to learn. 

The interviews for the job were not until the end of the following week.  I told Sue that I would not be able to make it back.  We went to her office and I showed her my portfolios and lesson plans etc from college.  I talked excitedly about my placements and what I wanted to bring to a school like Kings Hill and what I hoped to learn. 

I think we both knew that it would work, me joining the team at Kings Hill.  I am sure Sue knew then who she wanted me to work with too.

That day she rang her Chair of Governors, explained the situation and I was given the job at Kings Hill.

This all happened in January 2005, I started as supply at the school in July and had my first class in September 2005.

During my time at Kings Hill I made some good friends and met my best friend and Godmother to Esther and William.  I loved the children there and was lucky to have three great classes. 

I do regret not making more of an effort to develop friendships with the girls there who are still so kind to me now.  Becca, Helen and Adele – thank you so much for your support since I became pregnant and had Esther and William. Debbie – thank you for being a wonderful mentor and a constant friend.  Michele – there are no words.  I love you x

Some photos from my classroom


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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2 Responses to Share a story about a memorable job interview

  1. Debbie says:

    The photos brought back such lovely memories of a fab school and 2 great years working with you. I do miss Kings Hill and (most of!) the people there x

  2. That was a lovely, positive post. It’s such a breath of fresh air when we know right from the start where we feel comfortable.

    Best wishes, CJ xx

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