Our IVF Journey Part 2

This entry is a collation of posts I made when we moved to the ARGC Clinic in London and began the cycle of IVF/ICSI that brought us Esther and William.

This was a hard time through the worst winter in 30 years travelling to London at 5.30am every morning and spending my days hanging around the clinic, waiting, always waiting.

Through this time I had blood taken every day, sometimes up to 17 vials in one go!

I learned a lot about myself through this time, about David and our relationship with each other and the determination and passion in women who are desperate for a child.

I made some good friends during this time, one in particular who is one of the strongest women I have ever known and is happily now also a Mum.  She took me under her wing and we had som lovely breakfasts together and I hope to see her very soon and she will be coming to the twins’ christening and our wedding which is just great.  A true friend x

I chatted to people online throughout my IVF journey and it was my Fertility Friends that kept me sane.  And in fact they still do and I am hoping to meet up with lots of them and their miracle little ones as soon as the cold and flu season is over.  Will be so good to put faces to names.  What did people do before the Internet?

This is Part 2 of our IVF  journey.


Hello Everyone
My name is Jennie and I am 33 years old.  My fiance and I have just had our third failed ICSI at SEFC in Kent and we are now moving to ARGC.  I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about what it is like. I have read about some great results but not so great service / patient care.  Our initial consultation is on 26th November 2009.  Can anyone give me an idea of timescale from there?  Also what to expect at that first visit?  Thank you.  I hope I will get to talk to you all some more over the coming weeks and months.
Hi everyone
I had my initial consultation at ARGC yesterday.  It seemed to go very well and I can start my monitoring cycle as soon as I bleed.  AF was supposed to arrive yesterday but wouldn’t you know she is nowehere to be seen!!!
I think that I am going to be put on to a long protocol with DR injections rather than spray.
I am also having immune tests as so many failed ICSIs so hopefully that will turn up something that we didn’t know before and can b treated.
We will be having ICSI again and may be able to start proper cycle in 3 or 4 weeks depending on AF.
I really liked the feel of the ARGC and I liked the doctor Mr Gafur.  He was lovely.
So far I am really impressed and now just can’t wait to get started!
Hi All
Well, I went for CD2 bloods on Friday.  Results are back for those and my immune tests and I have to go for a mid cycle scan next Tuesday when we will also discuss blood results.  Does anyone know roughly what happens after the scan? That will be CD12 and I usually ovulate around CD14 as far as I know.  Assuming all is okay when would I start DR?
Looking forward to getting to know everyone in coming weeks x
Thank you for helping with understanding the monitoring cycle.  All being well my mid cycle scan will be Tuesday, as long as the snow is not too troublesome.  I hope on this day they will also tell me results from Day 2 bloods and immune tests as I know all results are back and file is with Mr T.  I think if all is okay I would start a long protocol on 30th December and a short on the 6th January.
So keeping everything crossed.
Hope everyone is enjoying the snow x x x x x
Hi All
Sorry no personals today.
I have just got home from the clinic where I had my mid cycle scan.
All is good – good lining, about to ovulate from one ovary and the other is quiet and as it should be.
I also had a blood test today and in about a week I have to go back for a progesterone test.
While I was waiting I read my file and my immune results.
I have high CD3 result at 88.5, it should be between 60 and 85.
What does this mean?
Also under TH1: TH2 IFN-g ILIO ?  My result was 4.8 and should be between 6 and 8.5
Can anyone help me understand?
Thank you x
Hope everyone is well.
I had my mid cycle scan today and everything was looking as it should be
I should ovulate tonight or tomorrow
Then I wait for the surge and go back for progesterone test and to find out a start date and what protocol I will be on
Whilst waiting for my scan today I read some of my results and was wondering if anyone can shed any light on what they mean

FSH 7.1
LH 6.4
Oestradial 216
Prolactin 163

On the immune tests it says that my CD3 is out of range – it is too high at 88.5????
There was also one thing that was too low at 4.8 when it should be between 5.8 and 20.5 but the doc I saw today did not seem concerned about that

Can anyone say what they think about my results so far.

Also I am thinking of buying some supplements such as Royal Jelly, Ginseng, Magnesium, Selenium.
What do people think the merits of this would be?
What do other people take or do to get the best from their cycle.

This is the last chance for me.

Thanks everyone x

Hope that everyone is looking forward to 2010.  I am starting to get very excited!
Today I had progesterone test and have been given the go ahead to start down reg injections tonight.
I am on the long protocol which I have not done before and have to inject every evening until AF arrives.  AF is due 6th January.
Does anyone know what happens then?

Thank you for all your replies about immunes they have been very helpful.
Hope everyone is well and ready to start the new year full of hope!

Lots of love x

We are all at very similar points it would seem.
I have just injected 0.5ml of suprefact.
I am on a long protocol so also waiting for AF
How should we be preparing now?
Is there anything I should do or not do to ensure good down regging?
Welcome Apricot
We are at a similar stage as I am also DR and hoping AF will arrive on Wednesday 6th Jan.
Today will be the fifth injection and so far I seem to not be having too many side effects.
I am a little more tired than usual.
Hoping that the snow and ice stay away as I am in Kent and will have real troubles getting to the clinic if the trains don’t run!
Looking forward to cycling with you.
How is everyone else getting on?
Waiting for AF.  She should have arrived today which is Day 29 for me of this cycle Do I wait two more days til I call the clinic or 30 more days?  I am a bit confused.  Also, I am on a Long Protocol so how many days after AF arrives will I start stimming?  I have always been on SP before. Hope you are all enjoying the snow!Jennie x
Anyone any signs of AF?
I am now CD30 and have been DR for 10 days today. Still no sign!!
Hope everyone is well and warm x
No AF for me either
I am CD31
Going to call clinic on Monday and see if they will scan me as this has happened to me before and there was just nothing to bleed
Maybe this time is the same
I am pleased to say that my AF arrived today so will call and let the clinic tomorrow and hope to start stimming later this week.

I think the scan should be Day 4 of my cycle???? That would be Wednesday for me.

Will let you know

I am so excited about getting started

Lets hope that this is our time ladies

This is our time!

Hi everyone
This is a very quick me post and I will catch up with everyone soon.  I am working on London this week at BETT @ Olympia. It is very tiring especially as I have also started stimming today!!!
Started with 150 Fostimon and 75 Merion???
All done for tonight.
Back to the clinic tomorrow for blood tests and await tomorrow’s instructions.
I am very excited now.
Am following everyone’s news and will write personals Sunday night x x x x x
Hello Everyone
Hope that you are all well
I am now on Day 5 of stimming.
I have had my first scan which seemed to go well
I am having FSH, LH and Oestriedal (sp) tested everyday
I am injecting 0.5 suprefact, 150 Fostimmon and 150 Merinol
I had my NK assay test today
I am not really sure what any of this means
I hope that the cycle is going well
How is everyone else getting on?
A – Great news on your scan, must be such an emotional moment seeing that most wanted heartbeat  B – I do keep meaning to ask questions at the clinic but they are always so busy.  I was at the clinic again today for bloods at 7.30 and then had to hang around in case of repeat.  I stayed in London til nearly 2pm but did not need a repeat in the end.  I have noticed that today they did not test FSH but they did have URGENT written on my blood sheet for the first time!  I am Day 7 tomorrow and will have another scan and more bloods with possible repeats, so I am planning to spend the whole day in the clinic with a good book and lots of snacks and water!  I tried walking round London today but I was just so tired and I don’t have any money to spend so best to get comfy at the clinic I think.  Apricot – I am in for bloods at 7.30 though I usually get there just after because of my train times.  I get the 5.58 from my village and get to the clinic at about 7.45.  I will be wearing a jumper dress and a yellow/grey coat.  I have really long brown hair.  Would be good to say hello.  Congratulations on your BFP.  That is wonderful news for you.  I hope that some of the ARGC magic rubs off on me.  This is my last chance for a long long time. 

My drugs have been changed today to 225 Merinol and no Fostimmon.  Can’t wait til the scan tomorrow to find out how I am getting on.

Does anyone know if Merinol is like Menopur?  I ovulated early when I was on that drug at my last clinic and am a bit worried about it.

Hope everyone is well x x x

I am now on Day 7 of stimms.  Tonight my drugs have been reduced to just 150 Merinol.  I have also started taking low dose aspirin today and start clexane injections tomorrow.  This is because my CD3 is 94 and should be less than 85.
I am sat at the moment with a hot water bottle, a pint of milk and my bottle of water.  I am feeling quite bloated and today’s scan showed that I have about 15 follies all growing well.
I am back in London for the day tomorrow for bloods and possible repeats. I think I will be scanned again on Friday but am not entirely sure about that.  I am getting excited now.  I so so so want this to work!

Apricot – was lovely to meet you today and we had such a good long chat.  You really made my day.  I wish you every success with this cycle and the new baby x x x x

Hope that everyone else is well.

Hello Everyone
Looks like people are all getting started now
I triggered last night and today have been resting and drinking
Clinic told me to drink 2 glasses of water every hour today and to drink 3 big glasses of water at 11.30 tonight
Apparently my oestrdial levels are really high and so have to be careful re OHSS
I have had a tiring but good week at the ARCG talking to lots of lovely people as helped the time to pass
Now I am looking forward to egg collection tomorrow
6.45 at the clinic for a 7,30 start!!!!
Thank you to everyone who has been following me, I will folow you through your cycels too and hope that this is the thread of good news in coming weeks.
Good luck everyone x x x x
Hi All
First of all well done P on your embryos.  Hope the transfer goes well x x x
I had ec on the same day as P and until today have been so happy.
We got 20 eggs.  18 of those were mature and 16 fertilised.
They seemed to be doing well until today.
The embryologist says that we have
1 3 cell
2 4 cells
2 5 cells
1 6 cell
5 7 cells
5 8 cells
But she also said that they are fragmented some of them severely fragmented and there are only 3 that might be quite good quality
We are waiting til Monday for a 5 day transfer but the lady said that we may get to Monday and find we have nothing to transfer
We have to be prepared that the embryos may not get to blast or may be too poor quality
I am now devestated and so scared that this has all been for nothing and we will get to Monday and have our transfer cancelled
Does anyone know how likely it is that we will not have a transfer on Monday?
Can anyone offer any help or advice or inspiration?
I can’t stop cryng and just feel like such a hopeful cycle has just been pulled away.
I know that it may be okay but she did not sound at all optimistic.
Hello All
Thank you so much for all your replies and well wishes
I am pleased to say that I am now PUPO!!!!!
We had two blasts 5A/BB and 4BB transferred at 5pm and I hope that they are starting to snuggle in tight
Have to go back to clinic for progesterone test on Wednesday but apart from that we wait
Thank you all for your support
Jennie x
Hi All
Thank you again for all your support.  I thought you might like to know that aswell as being PUPO we also have two darling frosties and so we are thrilled and so so hopeful.
P, how are you getting on?  Getting lots of rest and drinking lots I hope x
K – how did the hysto go today?
R – Gorgeous photos of your little ones – would be so grateful if we were to have twins x
Have been to the clinic today for a repeat progesterone test.  Waiting to hear if I have to swap from pessaries to gestone. TBH I would prefer Gestone as pessaries are just unpleasant!
I am resting as much as I can reading and watching films.  Very chilled so far.  Can’t believe that OTD is a week tomorrow!! I so hope that we are lucky this time.

I hope that everyone is well and look forward to hearing all your news.

L – sounds like you have some lovely embies will keep up to date on this thread and the JAN one x x x

Love and luck to us all

Jennie x

I am to start prednisolone tomorrow morning.  Can anyone tell me anymore about this?  Thank you

I am also staying on pessaries rather than gestone jabs.  I am a bit concerned as on two previous cycles with pessaries I bled early.  But I have to trust Mr T, he knew about the early bleeds he pepeated my progestrone test today and advised me to stay on pessaries.  I am not really cure what the difference is.

Trying to keep myself off google with all the questions

Think I will take RDG’s advice and relax with Ziita for a bit

Love and luck to all x x x

Hello Everyone
I wanted to come on and let you know that I have just recently got a BFP with ARGC.
It was my first cycle at ARGC but fifth in total.
I had never made it through a 2ww before but this time I have with a strong BFP and two frosties.
I had a 5dt and a non eventful 2ww
L I was convinced that it had not worked for me and when I got the call I just burst into tears.
I had no symptoms and still don’t really.
I am now 4weeks and 2 days pregnant and hoping that my levels will continue to rise.
I know it is early days but we are trying to be cautiously optimistic and hoping beyond all hope that our little beans stay.
My first beta was 317 yesterday and today it had risen to 493.  I am back on Sunday for more bloods.
I have seen you all in the last two days in the waiting room and in the Pain de Quotien at breakfast. I was too shy to say hello.
Anyway I hope this helps with PMA.
You can do it!
Mr T is just a wonderful wonderful man.
Good luck everyone x
Chin up L x x xx x
I am back in for repeats tomorrow and NK assay.
Hoping this is just something they do as my levels are more than doubling
Today was 1115
So far so good
Very sad about another 5am start though but hopefully will be worth it
Best wishes to all x x
I had NK assay done today and another BETA now at 1536.  The levels seem to be slowing a bit but I hope that everything is still okay.
We had our scan today 6 weeks and one day and we saw two beautiful sacs both with heartbeats
So we are also expecting twins!
Good luck everyone x x x x x x
Hello Everyone
Just wanted to let you know that we had our 6+1 scan today and saw two beautiful hearbeats.
Dimitri congratulated us but also cautioned us that it is very early days.
I am home now in bed not wanting to move for fear of doing something to risk one of our lovely little twins
Good luck everyone x
Can anyone help me please?
I am now very thankful to be 7+4 weeks pregnant with twins after ICSI with Mr T.
I had one NK assay done 3 weeks ago and have been asked in for another one this Tuesday.
Does anyone know how often they repeat this test and for how long?
I know that it is all worth it for the results that we have but it is just getting so expensive.
Can anyone help?
Thank you
Jennie x
Hi K
It was good to see you too.
Have been doing a lot of sleeping and eating over the last few weeks.
I am glad you think I look healthy cos I just feel fat!  I already have a bump though which is nice.
It is my CD3 levels that are also raised and just by a tiny amount too.
They have not said anything to me about meds but to be fair I haven’t asked them but I am hoping the steroids will end at 12 weeks.
I worry about the clexane that if it stops your blood clotting it could be quite dangerous to still be on it when you give birth???
I need to read more about that.
Hope you are able to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.  Your levels are looking very good.
Lots of love and luck
Jennie x
Hello Everyone
I am just bookmarking this board
Will come back and do personals tomorrow
I am now 8+4 days pregnant and have a scan tomorrow when I hope to see my two little embies and hear their heartbeats for a second time
Good luck to everyone
Be back tomorrow
love Jennie x
Hello Everyone
I am sorry that I have not posted for such a long time.  Unbelievably I am 10 weeks and 5 days pregnant today, still with twins!
I am posting for D really.
D, please don’t worry about discharge.  I had some brown spotting last Sunday and went for emergency scan but all was fine.  The blood was coming from my cervix not from the womb or placentas or babies.  On Thursday last week I had gushing bright red blood and I phoned the midwife who told me to come straight to A&E.  I honestly thought it was all over but again it was my cervix and the neck of the womb was closed so the little babies had no idea of the upset.  We have another scan today just to make sure all is still well but I am very hopeful even though I have had brown discharge all over the weekend.  The consultant says that all the drugs make us more prone to bleeding particularly the clexane which means that when we do bleed it is harder for the bleeding to stop.  I have as a precaution taken this week off work, and DF and I are under Docs orders for no nookie or strenuous activity of any kind.
Please try not to worry, I know that is impossibly hard but you and T are doing incredibly well. 
Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Hello Everyone
My bleeding seems to have stopped now – fingers crossed that it will stay that way now.
I am starting to feel less sick but much more tired.  I think it is because the babies are growing bones now!  I also feel uncomfortable if I eat too much in one go so am eating little and often.  I also need the loo a lot!!  That has only really started today though.
I have a definite bump already, am 11 weeks tomorrow and on our scan on Monday the beans had turned into babies.
They are so beautiful and really active little things.
My next scan now will be NHS Nuchal scan next Thursday when I will be 12+1 – touch wood that we make it!
I will be in to clinic next Tuesday for the first time in ages to have my NK assay and hopefully start to come off some meds.
I am sorry that I am rubbish at personals but I am following all your journeys every single day.
Just wanted to say that Esther Grace and William Nairn were born on Saturday 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks gestation.
They are now in NICU where they will stay for appx 10 – 12 weeks.
Both our beautiful babies are doing really well but we are taking one day at a time.
Hi All
My twins were born 12 weeks early and are in NICU.  I am publishing my diary online to help other parents know what life can be like on a unit.  I hope that someone finds it useful.
The twins are 30 weeks today and doing well x

Hello Everyone
The twins will be 3 weeks old tomorrow, can hardly believe it.  We have moved from NICU to high dependency nursery.
If you would like to follow our progress you can do so at the link below
Hope all your pregnancies are going well, especially the twinnies!

Hello everyone
Hope your twins and more pregnancies are going well
I should be one of you but our babies had a different idea and came early (27+3) 3 weeks ago.
We have been through NICU and are now in SCBU where we will probably stay for another 8 weeks
You can follow our story thorugh our diary and I wish that I had read something like this so I would know what to expect if and when my perfect little ones came early
Hello everyone
Just checking K’s progess? Thinking of you K.
Also wanted to reassure TG.  My twins, Esther and William, were born at 27 weeks.  They are now 3 months old and doing really well.  They stayed in NICU/SCBU for 59 days and have now been home for over a month.
We were very well looked after and came home exclusively breastfeeding which we still are.
Please do read my blog https://nairnnicujournal.wordpress.com/about/ as it might help to answer some of your questions.
If you need to ask anything else or just to chat then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
The BLISS message board is also a great source of comfort and support as is the TAMBA site.
Also ask lots of questions at the hospital while you have the chance.
I asked questions all the time and made sure I was very involved with the twins everyday cares.
Good luck and Congratulations x
Is this Birth Club being revived?
I am Jennie, Mum to Esther and William who are actually 14 weeks old but have a corrected age of nearly 2 weeks.
Would love to be a part of this group if it gets up and running.
Parenting twins is hard work. I am exclusively breastfeeding my two and they feed on average every two hours throughout the day and night.
Today I am starting to try and put a bedtime routine in place and next week we are going to work hard on night and day.  They have been hom from hospital for 6 weeks today and so far everything has been baby led but as they are gaining weight well it is time to start finding a routine that suits us.  Have read loads of book and forums but will be good to chat to people experiencing similar problems at a similar time.
Hope people join in soon
love Jennie x

About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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