Zu3D across the Primary Curriculum

Zu3D is a new stop-motion animation program made specifically for schools.

It has been developed through primary school ICT Clubs and with the expert

knowledge of a professional animator who has worked with Aardman.

This software is visually stimulating and engaging for children of all ages. It

is easy to use and enables children to work independently on their very own

stop-motion animation.

It provides a tool for learning across all primary subjects and is an excellent

resource for our developing creative curriculum.

In the recent review of the primary curriculum learning through the arts

was highlighted as a priority.

“Through the arts, children will also develop original ideas, explore issues

and solve problems. Children will take part in different activities – from

singing and composing their own music to photography and animation.”



Animation is a multi-faceted form of art. You have to create a story, create

characters, make them from clay or plasticine, design and make sets,

compose soundtracks or select appropriate recorded music to enhance a

film. Animation means children have to solve problems, make decisions and

judgements, evaluate and improve their projects and review and reflect on

their learning. Zu3D is a powerful tool that demands all of these things

from our pupils as they have fun with their friends making a film, often not

realising that they are in fact working hard, learning new skills, applying new

theories and sharing fresh ideas.

“Design, dance, drawing, photography, drama, animation and music are all

possible areas for teachers to explore, and they can all cut across to other

subjects in exciting ways.”



Here are some ideas for how you might use Zu3D in the classroom to do just



Planning stories

Developing understanding of narrative structure

Animated stories

Story telling

Animated poems

Develop speaking and listening skills

Hotseat / Interview an animated character

Create an animated Wanted Poster

Animated instructions or explanations

Animate onomatopoeic words

Create an animated alphabet

Demonstrate what a sentence is through animated words and punctuation

Animate a blurb for a book – persuasive writing

Create a film trailer – persuasive writing

Making adverts – persuasive writing

Illustrating spelling rules

Create moving characters that can be used as a stimulus for a poem or play


Demonstrate fractions

Bonds to 10 / 20

Animated times tables rap

Explain division

Doubling and halving

Looking at 2D and 3D shapes


Animate a life cycle

Animation of earth, moon and sun

Animate what happens in an electric circuit

Illustrate vibrations producing sound

Explain states of matter


Crossing the road safely

Bullying scenario films

Fire safety advert

Electrical safety

Illustrate dangers of drugs and alcohol

How to care for your pet – animated instructions

Develop team work and cooperation


Animate a Bible story or prayer

Animate a hymn

Animate a story from a festival

Show how a Muslim prays through an animated character


Illustrate the water cycle

Make an animated weather map

Show a route on a map


Recreate past events – moon landing

Interview famous people from the past

Illustrate characters and situations – Victorian children

Show contrasts – rich and poor in Victorian times


Experiment with different ways of creating the set for your animations

Make props for your set


Illustrate the rules of a game

Make an advert about playing fair

How to jump and land safely

How to kick a ball

How to hold a tennis racket / cricket ball


Record a composition to accompany your animation

Add sound effects

Choose appropriate music from a collection to enhance your film

The Primary National Strategy invites us to “Create a visual adaptation of a

simple text using toys, modelling clay, play figures and stop-frame animation

techniques” but we know that so much more can be achieved and explored

through animation, as well as developing the skills of filmmaking in their own


Why not download Zu3D today and see what you can do?


Win a copy of Zu3D


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