Reasons to Be Cheerful Week 4

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

That time of the week again? Where oh where is my life going? What a week, I feel like I have been on a personal journey this week (another story to follow shortly) and I also feel that the week has been a productive one, that alone is a reason to be cheerful.  So here are a selection of my cheery things from the week that was!

My fiance’s company, Zu3D, have agreed to sponsor a Mummy to attend CyberMummy 2011

I have followed this blog for a few months now and I talk to its author Kylie regularly on Facebook and Twitter.  She has been an inspiration and a support to me since giving birth to premature twins back in July 2010.  Whenever I have a question she gives a very quick yet well thought out answer.  She recommends strategies, products and even friends.  She is a true friend to me though I have never actually met her.  As soon as I knew that Kylie wanted to attend CyberMummy 2011 I knew that I wanted to help make it possible for her to go.  She has been a life line for me and I hope that this opportunity will in some way repay that debt.  Thank you Kylie.  I hope that you have a wonderful time at CyberMummy 2011 and look forward to hearing all about it, and if through your adventure then Zu3D is promoted for David then all the better x

Esther has been to the loo!

My poor darling daughter did not poo for 17 days!!!! Finally this week she has been able to go and it was not even that offensive.  She seems so much happier since she got that out of her system, quite literally, though today I think has started teething in earnest.  Poor little thing.  Lots of Mummy cuddles for you this weekend x

I have finally arranged our baby equipment and thus sorted the lounge and the playroom

This has been on my To Do list since Christmas and finally it is done.  We now have noisy play in the playroom and quiet(er) play in the lounge.  We have had a great day exploring the new set up together and I am sure will have lots of busy days ahead trying out all the toys and activities that we have around.  We are looking forward to spring and summer when we can have friends and family round for Play Dates.  Hurrah!

The babies are enjoying solid (ish) foods and now each have their very own high chair!!

We have been weaning William for 2 weeks on Sunday, and Esther has little tastes from time to time.  William’s favoutire food so far is definitely banana and baby riced with a dash of breast milk.  He has also now had carrot and swede, new potato and butternut squash and parsnip.  Each meal time has varying levels of success but on the whole I would say we are doing well and I am certain that we will do better now our high chairs have arrived.  On the advice of other preemie Mums we have gone for Chicco Polly Magic chairs.  As soon as we start to use them (tomorrow!) I am going to write a review.  On the advice of my best friend as well as all the homemade purees we are also going to have shop bought food at least once a week so that the babies are used to eating from a jar or packet, in case of emergencies.  For these times I have bought some Ella’s Kitchen foods that we are looking forward to sampling and reviewing! Tomorrow though I am making mango with baby rice and finishing off the parsnip!

My sister is in the UK! (though I have not seen her yet)

In the early hours of yesterday morning my sister arrived safely from her home in Australia to prepare for her wedding in just 9 sleeps time!  I am sure that you will hear much more about her in my reasons to be cheerful next week!  My beautiful wee sis x

In the meantime, if you need more cheerful thoughts now then hop on over to Mummy from the Heart to continue the happiness!


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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2 Responses to Reasons to Be Cheerful Week 4

  1. Beautiful photographs and great reasons to be cheerful. Cuddles to Esther and William xxx

  2. What a fab post and great photos, that circular play den looks excellent.

    Will pop over an visit your friends blog, that si lovley that you were able to find her sponsorship for Cybermummy. Got anyone up your sleeve for me? lol

    Have a super weekend. Mich x

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