What is in a Name?

What is in a name?

Esther Grace Henley

Persian origin meaning star or myrtle leaf

Esther was a young Hebrew woman who risked her life to save her people

The Jewish festival Purim is in memory of Esther from the Old Testament

Shortened to Essie or Star

Heroine of Dickens’ Bleak House is called Esther

William Nairn Henley

Named after David’s Grandad

Named after famous William’s including Just William and William Wallace from Braveheart

There is already a famous William Henley, William Ernest Henley.  He wrote the poem INVICTUS on which Clint Eastwood’s recent film on Mandela and the 2005 Rugby World Cup is based. (Thank you Tony and ShirleyNorfolk!) http://www.bartleby.com/103/7.html

Shortened to Will Henley

The name means protection, resolute, determined.

What are your children’s names and why did you choose them?

What is your name?  Do you like it?  Does it reflect who you are?  Would you rather be known by another name?

What is your blog called and why?  What is the story behind the name?

What’s in a name?  LOTS in a name.



About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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6 Responses to What is in a Name?

  1. I love their names and I love that you call Esther “star”. My little one is called Bevan, it’s Welsh (like my grandfather) and means son of John. John is a family name on both sides so it seemed fitting. I love finding out what people called their kids and why. I’m a total name dork! (I may have named my next 3 kids too…um, yeah…)

  2. alienhippy says:

    Hello, I just love this post and the names you have picked.
    My name is Lisa, Hebrew origin meaning Oath of God.
    I’m a Christian so I’m quite happy that my name means this.
    My blog is called Alienhippy’s blog.
    There is quite a funny story behind this. I created my blog by complete accident.
    I am dyslexic and I came to wordpress to look at some art created by a friend.
    I logged in completely wrong because I didn’t read it correctly.
    The name Alienhippy is my gamer name, I used it because I knew I’d remember it. Alienhippy comes from the two closest identities I have.
    Alien because I have Aspergers Syndrome and I have never felt like I belong.
    Hippy because I just love the look.
    Love and hug.
    Lisa. xx 🙂

  3. Vickie Ford says:

    Such a lovely post. I love the fact that each everyperson can copy this however it would be completely different.

  4. JallieDaddy says:

    We just liked the sounds of the names! Jacob / Jake, Eleanor / Ellie. Although they’re both Hebrew / biblical in origin of course.

    Also: I had ‘Bono’ vetoed: I thought as middle name it would be OK! I still wonder though if Jake should have been ‘Joshua’: we both like the name, & ‘ The Joshua Tree’ (U2 again case you don’t know) is probably my favourite album. It’s a middle name though; & I can’t imnagine them as anything else now 🙂

    Great that you put so much thought into it!

  5. willest says:

    Grace is a U2 link for us too! We both love U2! We also considered the name Joshua x

    • JallieDaddy says:

      Small world! That’s a lovely song too 🙂

      Actually I’ve since discovered “Eleanor” is probably German in origin, & means “foreigner”! Quite surprised at that; still love the name tho of course 🙂

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