Lord of the Rings … Again!

This week I am joining Metal Mummy in her Movie MeMe.  She has asked us what is our film of the 21st century, our film of the decade?

For me, there can only be one!

There are a few 21st century films that I have enjoyed but for me none come close to The Lord of the Rings as I mentioned in my Listography post last week.

My favourite of all the films, to David’s dismay, is The Fellowship of the Ring.  I know that it has the least action and the least effects but it tells the story so well and introduces each of the characters in detail.  I think that the film is so well cast and the actors really complement each other particularly those playing Frodo and Sam.  This is a tale of friendship, of courage, of determination and strength, of loyalty, of love.

This is a film with it all.  Magic, humour, romance, intrigue and great one liners!  I love the script, the language from the book is just beautiful.  The sets and scenery are breathtaking and the music tells a story all of its own whilst perfectly blending with the words and actions.

I am not a great film buff or reviewer.  I do not watch a lot of television or many movies but I do read a lot of books and for me what makes a great film is where the translation from the page to the screen is true and meaningfuk.  It has to work on a personal level for me and this film really does.

And being a Mummy of premature twins, this film of the 21st century provides the best quote of all time:

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

Why not pop over to Metal Mummy’s Movie MeMe for some passionate beautifully written movie recommendations.  Popcorn at the ready!


About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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5 Responses to Lord of the Rings … Again!

  1. Becky says:

    just watched that once again tonight with the kids! we all love it 🙂

  2. Vickie Ford says:

    I LOVE Lord of the Rings one of the best films ever ever ever x

  3. ella says:

    I haven’t seen this film yet but I’ll have to watch it now 🙂

  4. alienhippy says:

    Lord of the Rings is such a great story. xx 🙂

  5. JallieDaddy says:

    We have a lot in common: I totally agree! There’s just no competition.

    It’s my all-time favourite book, & it was filmed in my native New Zealand by New Zealanders. It still could have been no good, or not true to the books. But it wasn’t: it was very true, & magnificent. I have the soundtrack albums too: well worth it 🙂

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