Music I Want My Children to Listen To – Robbie Williams

He’s the One!!!

I have loved Robbie Williams for as long as I can remember from his early days in Take That to his amazing solo career and back into the arms of his buddies in Take That. 

I love his songs and adore his personality, that cheeky chappy, very naughty boy next door.  I think he always comes across well on television and his live shows are fantastic.  He is a natural all round performer and a true show man, which is something I admire and like.

I saw Robbie live at Roundhay Park for my 30th birthday.  It was amazing, a great exhausting day and night with my wee sis.  We had a great time bouncing to the Basement Jaxx and singing every word of the Robbie repertoire.  One of the best days and nights of my life and one never to be forgotten.

Made even more special as I shared with my little sister, Julie.  I cried when she gave me the tickets for my birthday and we queued from early in the morning so that we could get somewhere close to the front.

Robbie owned the stage as he always does and we were in awe and amazed.  He put on a real show and I felt that it was just for me, for my birthday.  It was just wonderful and sealed my obsession with Robbie.

I want my children to enjoy his music, to know all the words to the ballads and miror the moves from his dance tracks.  I want them to bounce to Let Me Entertain You and cry as soon as Angels begins.

I hope they have No Regrets and are One of God’s Better People.

I want my children to listen to Robbie Williams and see him perform even if only on television.

What music do you want your children to listen to?



About willest

Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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2 Responses to Music I Want My Children to Listen To – Robbie Williams

  1. fastandluce says:

    TOTALLY agree!! I have not missed a Robbie tour concert yet!!! LOVE the photo you have here. When I win the lottery……(hahaha!) I’m having a massive party with him as my after dinner entertainment!! Consider yourself included on the invitation list! Off to You Tube now to watch him and Jonathan Wilkes sing Me and My Shadow at the Albert Hall!! X

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