Esther Grace and William Nairn

Esther Grace and William Nairn were born to Jennie Nairn and David Henley on 24th July 2010.

First Family Portrait

This blog started as a journal of their time in NICU from 27 weeks and 3 days gestation.  Over time it has become the story of their lives, a story that is building page and chapter, day by day.

Please read this blog if you know us or know anyone who has to go through what we are currently living.

Please read our blog if you want honest recounts of life in a house with twins.

Please share in the highs and lows of our life as a new family.

I hope that this blog will help people to understand the rollercoaster that is life on NICU for babies born too sick or too soon x

I hope that it will reassure parents of premature babies as they see what we achieve as we continue to grow.

I hope to make friends with other Mummies and families and help them along their way.

Thank you for visiting this blog.

Please come back again.


9 Responses to Esther Grace and William Nairn

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  2. JallieDaddy says:


    You have an amazing story & an amazing family.

    We have twins too, also BG, now nearly 10 months, & who were ‘only’ 3 weeks premmie.

    I call myself JallieDaddy & the twins are Jacob (Jake) & Eleanor (Ellie); together known as ‘Jallie’.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your story 🙂

    • willest says:

      Oh Hi
      I have been looking at your blog today too! Must admit have not had time to read much yet but I am definitely going to as I love what I have read so far.

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  4. I am email subscribed already. Love your blog and I’m sure anyone going through the whole NICU/SCBU experience will be greatly helped by it

    Christina (Mum to Charlotte, born 27 wks +1) x

  5. willest says:

    Thank you very much, that means a lot.

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  7. Lauren says:

    I’ve subscribed too! I’m fascinated by your story.

    I am a twin, 4 minutes older than my twin brother. My mum was started off early, but not by much at all. We were born on the 11th of September and due on the 18th so only a week early, but twin stories always fascinate me.

    Your twins look adorable and I look forward to hearing all about how you are all getting on xx

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