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As I want to write posts that are relevant to the parenting community I thought that I would get some inspiration from and participate in their Blog Dare challenge.  We are already a good way through January and so I am going to pick and choose from the January prompts and then join The Blog Dare completely in February.  I am really looking forward to joining the challenge and have been inspired by some of the very powerful posts that I have been reading from other Mummies.  I hope that my writing might inspire someone one day too.

The first prompt that I am going to follow is What is Your Resolution for 2011.  For this I refer you to an old post that I published at the beginning of the year, my January TO DO list which is my compromise on resolutions, setting achieveable targets over a realistic time frame.

So what were those targets and how am I getting on?

Encourage William to take a bottle

This is something that I am definitely working on but with a lot of resistance from William.  He woul much rather go to the breast and is not at all impressed or cooperative when Daddy, or Mummy for that matter, tries to giv him a bottle.  His sister on the other hand will guzzle her milk down in any shape or form but for William, clearly breast is best.  This is making achieving target number 2 something of a struggle!

Make Time for Me

Obviously I have time to blog which is time I cherish when the babies are sleeping, I have also enjoyed a couple of very, long hot showers recently and a couple of short lie ins, but anything more than this just is not possible until William will take a bottle or is weaned!  My plans for a soa day are firmly on hold for a while!

Read a book and not Twilight AGAIN!!

I am reading a lot but mostly dipping in and out of baby books and blogs.  I have Room by Emma Donoghue to read which I am really looking forward to and a whole other pile of must reads sat gathering dust.  A bath with a book sounds like a good idea.  I might try that this weekend!

Spring Clean and Sort Baby Things

I have started to do this.  I washed the kitchen floor last week and seem to be constantly washing and sorting clothes.  David has agreed that we can get a cleaner which will make this target much more achieveable!  We may also get a dishwasher and a tumble dryer which will make more time for other chores.  Seems such an extravagance but is more of a necessity with the twins!

Get dressed everyday and Go outside everyday

I would say that I do this most days, weather permitting.  The current burst of sunshine is making me more keen to get up and go!

Start and Sustain Healthy Plan

This is most definitely underway with strict portion control and cereal bars as substitutes for chocolate.  Have started to lose a little bit of baby weight so I must be doing something right.

Still a way to go with these resolutions but I am doing my best to stick to them as I know that they will lead to a more positive year for us all.

Check out The Blog Dare posts to see other people’s resolutions and whether or not they are sticking to them.

a mom blog community


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Very proud 34 year old Mum of twins William and Esther, born on 24th July 2010 at 27 weeks and 3 days
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